Finding the right clinical trial can be challenging for new participants and their family members, and even for doctors and nurses who try to make the most informed decisions on behalf of their patients. The following clinical trial resources are designed to give you the information you need about clinical trials to make the right decision for you and your loved ones. You will find patient resources, such as information about the different phases of clinical trials, and info such as patient study eligibility, expectations, ethics, and more. At AbbVie, the patient comes first. We hope these resources are a good introductory guide to what clinical trials have to offer.

Clinical Trial Educational Resources – Read and Download

These resources provide an overview of clinical trial terms and processes that you can explore online or download and print to share in your discussions with your support team of family, loved ones or health care providers.

Clinical Trial Journey Understand the typical benchmarks of a trial and get insights to help you make a decision about whether or not volunteering for a clinical trial is right for you. You can download the whole page or a condensed journey infographic.
Clinical Trial Phases Explore how potential treatments go through up to 4 stages of testing for safety and effectiveness in humans known as clinical trial phases. You can download the whole page or a condensed phases infographic.
Clinical Trial Protocol Read and download an overview of the role of a protocol document—the written action plan of a clinical trial—and how it is used to guide how trials are organized, conducted and analyzed. Click here to read and download the guide:
INFORMED CONSENT FORM Learn about a key clinical trial document that contains information that investigators are required to share with you before you explicitly agree to join a clinical trial. Click here to read and download the infographic:
Clinical Trial Terminology Review some specialized words and common phrases used in clinical trials and learn why familiarizing yourself with the language can help in your trial evaluation and participation. Click here to read and download the terms overview:


Reading about past clinical trials—how they were conducted and their results—can give you insights into the clinical trial journey. That’s why AbbVie is sharing summaries of completed trials and making them available in a dedicated online library.

These completed trial results—you may also see them being called plain language summaries or lay person summaries—are brief descriptions of the clinical trial results in everyday language that is understandable to people who do not have a medical or scientific background. You can expect descriptions of what was studied and general results, and we also believe this information will show the valuable role participants play in the process.

To learn more about the results, click on the link to completed trials below.