Screening Evaluations

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you! I’m your study doctor. Thanks for your interest in this clinical trial. The clinical research team and I are always available to answer your questions.”

“I’ll review your medical history and verify the current state and stage of your condition. And we’ll also go through a questionnaire of other factors that we want to evaluate.”

“Let’s get started with your Screening Evaluation. I’m going to take some measurements and give you some medical examinations to make sure you meet the exact eligibility criteria we have for patients in this clinical trial.”

When the clinical research team has all the information they need to confirm that you meet all the study inclusion criteria, you will officially become a participant in this clinical trial. However, you can change your mind about participating and leave the trial at any time.

The measurements and examinations shown here are examples and will vary according to the clinical trial.

Reminder: Screening Evaluations might take a few hours or more, so make sure that you ask how much time to set aside when booking the appointment, and schedule your time with that information in mind.