Informed Consent

The study coordinator takes you through the Informed Consent Process. Every aspect of the clinical trial is explained, so that you understand what will happen and what will be required of you.

The study coordinator refers to this Informed Consent Form, which has everything that is being explained in writing. It includes:

  • The purpose of the trial
  • The treatments involved
  • The schedule of treatments and visits
  • The benefits and risks of being in the trial
  • Your privacy rights and other rights
  • Your right to leave the clinical trial any time, for any reason

This consultation step is designed for you to ask any and all questions that you, your doctor, or other supporters of your treatment journey may have discussed prior to the visit. The conversation may also make you think of new questions, too. You should have the study coordinator explain anything that’s not clear to you. You can also follow up with the team after the visit.

Reminder: You can take the Informed Consent Form home and discuss it with your family, friends and your doctor before agreeing to be in the clinical trial. If you do, your Screening Evaluations will happen when you bring the signed Informed Consent form back.

“Now that you have signed the Informed Consent Form, we’ll head over to the Examination Room, where you will meet the study doctor and take care of your Screening Evaluations.”